Bags & Utilities

Explore the best backpacks for digital nomads and location independent entrepreneurs. Everything you need to stay organized, travel light and safe.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Backpack Raincover
Backpack Rain Cover

A lightweight rain cover to keep your backpack and electronics dry while traveling.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Backpack Cover
Backpack Protection

A solid backpack cover to keep your backpack free from damages when you have to check it in.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Travel locks
Travel Locks

Travel locks can help you to keep your precious electronics safe in hostels or hotels.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Packingcubes
Packing Cubes

Keep your stuff organized and compact with these packing cubes.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Vacuum bags
Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags will keep your clothes even more compact and are a good alternative to packing cubes.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Bumbag
Money Belt

A bumbag by PacSafe. Keep your most important documents, credit cards and smartphone safe.

Work Tools

The most important equipment for nomads and location independent entrepreneurs to get work done on the road and stay productive.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Magic Keyboard
Wireless Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard works with Bluetooth and is very helpful in combination with a Laptop Stand.

Keyboard Cover

A very unique case for the magic keyboard. Love this in combination with my iPad Pro 12.9.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Apple Magic Mouse
Wireless Mouse

Small, beautiful and lightweight wireless mouse. Perfect for working on the road.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Travel Laptop Stand
Laptop Stand

If your work long hours in front of the screen it is recommended to use Laptop Stand to avoid neck problems.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Apple Magic Mouse Sleeve
Mouse Sleeve

Protect your magic mouse from scratches and dirt with this beautiful sleeve.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Magic Keyboard Case
Keyboard Sleeve

Keep your magic keyboard safe with this lightweight case.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Macbook Pro Sleeve
MacBook Sleeve

Use a small Sleeve if you don’t always want to carry a big backpack when going to a coffee or co-working place.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Travel Adapter
Travel Adapter

No matter which country, this travel adapter never let me down.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Gear Bag
Case for Electronics

Very helpful to keep all your USB, charging cables or adapters in place.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Ultra Small External Harddrive
Portable Harddisk

Ultra Slim External Hard drive for local backups of photos and videos.


Explore the coolest gadgets for digital nomads or globetrotters to be ready for any adventure while exploring the world.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Smartphone Galaxy S8

Currently the best smartphone. 5.8″ OLED screen, water resistent, big battery and fantastic camera. Perfect travel companion.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Small External Battery
Battery Pack

Digital Nomad’s always have access to power so a small power bank is totally enough to get you through a day.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Kindle Paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite

Physical books slow you down on the road so the best eBook reader should not be missing in any Nomad’s repertoire.

Best Cameras for Digital Nomads - Sony RX100 III
Point and Shoot Camera

Although a bit older, the RX100 III is still a good choice for many Vloggers at an affordable price.

Best Cameras for Digital Nomads - Sony Alpha 7 Mark II
Smallest full frame camera

If you are willing to spent more, then you can’t go wrong with this lightweight full-frame sensor Camera.

Mini Tripod

This is THE tripod for travelers. Small, light and perfect for shooting at night.

Best Cameras for Digital Nomads - Fujifilm X100f
Mirrorless Camera

The new X100f is perfect for light travelers who don’t want to carry around many lenses.

Best Cameras for Digital Nomads - Canon G7x
Vlogging Camera

The G7x is a very popular camera among Vloggers because of the excellent video quality.

Travel Essentials

The most basic travel equipment that every traveler should have in his repertoire while roaming the planet.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Minimal Sleeping Bag
Light Sleeping Bag

Extremely small and lightweight sleeping bag in case you have to sleep on dirty floors.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Toiletry bag
Toiletry Bag

A beautiful compact and water resistent toiletry bag.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Dry Bag
Dry Bag

A dry bag is perfect to keep electronics safe on wet jungle tours or sunny beach days.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Flight Tooth Brush
Travel Toothbrush

A very small and long lasting dental care set that you can take on a plane.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Ohropax

To ensure a good sleep when staying with multiple people in a hostel room.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Sun Screen

A very reliable SPF 50 sunscreen for visiting hot places like asia.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Sim Card Case
Sim Card Case

Keep your sim cards safe from getting lost with this sim card case.

Digital Nomad Essentials - Moskito Spray
Moskito Spray

The strongest Moskito Spray I know. Saved my life so many times.