I have the feeling that podcasts as a medium becomes more and more popular nowadays. The biggest advantage that podcasts have is they don’t require looking at the screen all the time and you can keep your eyes on the important things. I see way too many people bumping into each other on the street because everyone is just starring on his screen while walking.

For all the podcast lovers and entrepreneurs out there, here is a list of my top 5 podcasts I wanna share with you today that every aspiring entrepreneur should know about.

I intentionally keep my list pretty simple because I have noticed in the past that if I have more than 5, I’m having trouble to keep up with all of them. 3-5 is a good number because podcasters usually create new episodes every week in average. A week is usually plenty of time to catch up with all of them and therefore you will never miss an episode. The list has no particular order.

Chris Dunn – Pathway to Wealth

This guy started his entrepreneurial journey already with 16 and couldn’t stop ever since. His podcast is strongly focused around starting businesses and creating wealth. I like this guy so much because I share the same definition of wealth: “…having complete ownership of your time, doing what you’re most passionate about, and creating something amazing that has a positive impact on the world.”

Smart Passive Income

I admire Pat Flynn and feel connected to him in a way because he also started out as an architect and moved into entrepreneurship and online businesses after he was laid off. He is the go to guy when it comes to online business!

Lewis Howes – School of Greatness

A former pro athlete turned into an entrepreneur. This guy is so committed to podcasting and always got interesting guests with interesting stories.

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Every entrepreneur should know Anthony Robbins. He is the godfather of personal development and motivation. I always feel inspired after listening to his podcasts.

Rich Dad Radio Show

Robert Kiyozaki is probably the father of financial education. His book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is probably the best financial book you will ever read because it tackles the fundamental mindset between poor and rich.

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