Explore the best resources that you will need to become a successful online entrepreneur. I collected these resources over the years for my own use and can recommend them with a good conscious.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase. You will have ZERO disadvantages buy purchasing a product because the prices stay the same. Through affiliate links I’m able to cover the hosting costs and keep the blog running and I would never recommend any products that I have no experiences with or wouldn’t use myself.

This is a growing page and currently divided into different sections to make it easier for you to explore:

Personal Development

The first chapter is dedicated to developing a success driven mindset. You have to know first what you want to get out of life in order to know where to go. The following books are my favourite personal development books that i think every human being should read!

Think and Grow Rich

The most important book you will read in life because it will teach you that success doesn’t come from being lucky or born in a rich family but only from your mental attitude.

How to win friends and influence people

It is not about manipulating people but rather to have empathy and understand why humans behave in the certain way. Great lessons for business and personal life.

The Magic of Thinking Big

After reading this book you will understand the importance of setting your goals higher and that it is possible to reach anything you want if you come from a different mental state.

Rich Dad Poor Dad
The best personal finance book that I know. This one should be taught at school!

The Miracle Morning
This book is life changing. I learned to take advantage of the most important hours of the day.

Never Eat Alone
This is a great resource for learning to build great and long lasting relationships.

The 100$ Startup
Loads of inspiring stories of people who built successful small business to make a living; with practical tips.

Learn New Skills

This section is about acquiring new valuable skills so that you can increase your value. Going to university is overrated because you can almost acquire any practical skill online.

Productivity tools

A collection of tools for MAC that I found extremely useful when it comes to getting work done.

My favourite multi platform task manager. Simple and Fast!

THE note taking tool. Very useful to take notes during meetings and reviewing them on the smartphone.

A personal finance app that helps me to keep track of my daily expenses.

Google Keep
Less complex than Evernote which makes it ideal for saving quick thoughts and ideas.

Google Drive
This is THE cloud tool for me that keeps all my (non-confidential) files safe in case my computer crashes.

A time tracking tool that runs in the background and tracks EVERYTHING you do.

Alfred made my life so much easier when it comes to starting applications or searching things.

A window management tool to organise application windows super fast!

Essential Design Tools

A list of creative tools you need in order to create your own products.

1. Basic Design Tools

The following are the basic design tools that every creative entrepreneur should have.

Adobe Photoshop
The most established photo editing tool on the market.

Adobe Illustrator
An industry leading vector based graphic design tool. Great for creating logos and illustrations.

Adobe Lightroom
A great photo manager that lets you bulk edit photos.

Adobe Indesign
A bit rusty, but still the best layouting tool out there for print design.

Affinity Designer
A more affordable version of Adobe Illustrator.

Affinity Photo
If you don’t want to subscribe to Adobe, Affinity Photo is a cheaper but still fantastic alternative to Photoshop.

2. Digital Products

These are the most common tools that you need to create digital products.

Sketch App
Currently, Sketch is the most effective tool when it comes to designing digital products.

The most sophisticated prototyping tool for digital products. Coding knowledge required.

A great suite of prototyping and design tools.

A suite of plugins for Invision that lets you supercharge your workflow.

Prototyping tool that is excellent at micro interactions.

A great allrounder to prototype micro interactions and create app flows.

POP -> Now Marvel App
Very fast and simple prototyping tool. Perfect for concept validation.

3. Design physical products

And here are the tools if you want to create physical products.

A professional engineering tool for industrial designers.

Sketchup Pro
A powerful and easy to use 3D modeling tool.

Fusion 360
A 3D CAD tool for product designers. Free for startups, hobbyists, and enthusiasts for 1 year.

A web-based 3D CAD tool that is for free. Perfect for starters!

A free render software to create photo realistic images.

Cinema 4D
One of the most powerful 3D software out there. Great to create photo realistic renderings.

A more simple to use rendering and animation Software.

Build Your Business

Everything you need to setup your first business and get going.

1. Setup your website

Here are the most effective ways to create the first website for your business.

Squarespace is the place to go if you have zero experience in building a website.

Setup an online shop with zero web knowledge.

One of the most powerful CMS for blogs, portfolios or online shops.

The best e-commerce plugin for wordpress.

Wordpress Tutorial

In case you want to setup your website with Wordpress (which I recommend), here is a great tutorial:

2. Best Wordpress Plugins

If you setup your website with Wordpress, these are the plugins you shouldn’t miss.

Visual Composer



Google Analytics

Yoast SEO

W3 Total Cache

WP Smush

3. Free Stock Photo Libraries

Find free professional photos that you can use for your website or business.

4. Free Copywriting eBooks

Sales is one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs. Here are free eBooks that will help you to sharpen your communication skills to increase your sales.