When it comes to attracting women, one important thing men have to understand is this: It is not about the looks or the money. Many men believe that they have to get super pumped in order to become attractive to women.

While looks can certainly trigger an initial interest in women, it doesn’t play a huge role in the long game. There are a lot of evidences where you can see great looking women being in a relationship with an average looking guy.

This is because women see beyond the exterior of a person, whereas men are mostly focused on the looks.

So in order to charm a woman, you don’t need to workout 5 times a week or play the macho. But what really matters is how much attention you pay. Here are the most important things to keep in mind if you want to become more attractive to women.


1. It’s not about YOU

Many men make the mistake of talking too much when they first getting to know someone. They think they need to impress.
But the opposite is actually true. If men can step back and let the women do the talking, it shows that you just don’t care about yourself but pay attention to what she has to say. This makes you more attractive. Always remember the most infamous line that a woman will ever say to a man, “Why are you never listening to me?”


2. Women Love Mystery

The other reason why you shouldn’t be talking too much is that you take away the mystery. The reason why women love reading or watching romance is because they love mystery. They get thrilled when they get the chance to explore. If you are an open book, it takes away the excitement and she gets bored.


3. Know what you want

It doesn’t mean that you should never talk at all. If a women shows interest in you and asks questions about you, answer those clearly and with confidence. But just don’t answer quickly and shoot questions back at her. This makes the conversation awkward because it feels that you have no opinion at all. It makes you weak. By nature, women are looking for men, who are self-controlled, confident and know what they want.


4. Give them space

This took me a while to understand but it is an essential part in a relationship between men and women. The problem that most men have, is that they are too clingy and needy. This often creates tension because women need space. A great analogy that I learned from Corey Wayne is this: Women are like cats. If you try to make them love you, they will get uncomfortable and go away. But if you give them the space they need and focus on yourself meanwhile, they will come back to you.


5. Find your purpose

The most important thing you must learn to attract women actually has nothing to do with women. It is actually just about you and what purpose you have. Finding your purpose will not only make you attractive to women but to everyone. A man who knows what he wants can have the world. He doesn’t care about triviality, nor does he complain about things he can’t control. He spreads positivity and his confidence let’s him overcome any obstacle that comes his way. If a men is focused on what he wants and nothing can bring him from his path, a woman will see in him a strong wall that she can lean against. Therefore, focus on finding your purpose and everything else will follow.