Alright ladies, I want to give you the secret ingredient that you can use to charm any man in this world.

Being a man myself, I know how powerful this is. And this has nothing to do with making any sexual innuendos because this will only work on the stereotype of men with low self confidence.


Understanding the core instinct

In order to understand what works on men, you need to understand what their biggest motivation is.

Compared to women, who are emotion driven, men are very logic and success driven.

Their greatest satisfaction comes from achievement.

Men feel very satisfied when they receive respect from others and can achieve a high status in their social circles.

They are motivated to put food on the table to feed their family because it makes them feel strong and irreplaceable.

They constantly strive for greater success and feel discontent when they get stuck.

The pressure from society is great and that creates some sort of insecurity that always pushes them for more.

That is why women often can be happy in the moment while men spent great time thinking about the future.


Give Praise And You Will Be Irresistible

For that reason, the secret to charming a man, is too give him a pat on the back for his achievements.

If you acknowledge the things he has accomplished, it will strengthen his self-confidence and he will pay more attention to you.

The way you can test it, is to ask a friend about his latest accomplishment at work or in his own business: “Hey, I heard you did so and so. How is it going? Any success with that?….”

Watch his body language and you will identify how his attention will totally be focused on you.