Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated. This is one of the deepest cravings of human nature. No matter what culture, what gender, what age.

At our core, self esteem is what makes our personality. The more confident we are, the stronger our personality becomes. And in order to become more confident, we seek confirmation from outside.

Therefore, the first lesson in charming people is to make them feel valuable.

If you can make people feel good, you create a save heaven for them where they can feel confident and comfortable when they are around you. You create trust and people will be willing to support you. You are perceived as more charming.

How to make people feel good

1. Show acceptance

By accepting people in their entire nature and seeing them as something special. Avoid negativity and picking on the little flaws they have. Everyone has little flaws. This is what makes us human. You should rather focus on the beautiful traits everyone has.


2. Show them appreciation

Say thank you whenever you can. But don’t over do it, otherwise it isn’t perceived as genuine anymore. Whether you thank someone for something, no matter whether for something small or large, they will feel more important and capable. Their self esteem increases and at the same time also raises yours. If you do good things to others and show them appreciation, it will also make you more confident. The more you love yourself. The more you will be perceived as charming


3. Give people genuine compliments

Everyone likes compliments. If you give people sincere compliments about something they have done or accomplish, they will automatically feel better about themselves.
Don’t complement them only for large things but also show your admiration for small accomplishments.


4. Pay attention

Among the other traits, this one is probably the most important after all. Whenever you are around people, pay your highest attention to them. When you have a conversation with something, listen carefully. When you’re in a group conversation, pay attention to the one who talks. By paying attention, you are signaling that you are appreciating his presence and thoughts to the fullest.