Hai Ninh Nguyen - Creator of Project Horizn

Hey there, I'm Ninh.

I am a designer currently based in Munich, Germany.

Welcome to Project Horizn, my personal blog where I share insights about personal development, entrepreneurship and creativity to help people building profitable side hustles to enjoy life a little more day by day.

I am currently working as a freelance designer and building passive income streams at the same time.

Since my childhood, I’ve always been trying different things.

My very first “Business” was selling Pokemon Magazines in my school at the age of 10.

I didn’t make any money, but it was fun 😀

Over time, I pursuit many different things such as:

  • selling things on eBay
  • creating websites for others
  • started multiple blogs
  • teaching karate
  • investing in Stocks
  • creating an online shop for illustrations and sketches
  • creating a physical product to sell online

Some of them were more serious than others. And some of them made more money than others.

It took me a long time to develop this entrepreneurial mindset and at first, it was more out of fun than doing serious business.

I just love creating things and putting them in front of customers. Pursuing the career path of a designer allows me to practice creativity every day and gaining knowledge of building products.

That is why I created this blog to share my knowledge and support you on your own journey to financial freedom.

The Vision

Why financial freedom? 97% of all people never live their lives to the fullest or embrace their full potential.

We live with the idea engrained that we have to work hard for 40 years in order to enjoy life at a later stage. Everything in our lives is scripted for us. We go to school and then to University with the hope to get a high paying Job after.

With that comes building a house, buying a car and get settled at the age of 35, which should give us satisfaction for the rest of our lives. We get trapped in the rat race, a vicious cycle that requires us to work harder to earn more.

But that’s not how we’re supposed to live. Life has so much more to offer and it would be a shame to look back when we’re old and have a sense of regret. We are here to create and get the most out of life. But that’s not possible unless we start to create wealth for ourselves to achieve financial freedom

The vision is to design our life based on our own terms and taking control of what’s already ours. It is about embracing our creative mind and expanding our horizn every day to push our boundaries to the limit. Escaping the average script and start to write our own.

Hai Ninh Nguyen - Vietnam

Random facts about me

  • Yes I am asian, and as a proper asian I am doing martial arts:
  • I started karate when I was 10
  • and I am still rockin it xD
  • No, I can't kill people with 1 Finger
  • I practice a couple of times week...
  • to counteract my food love
  • especially asian food
  • I consider myself as a flexitarian
  • living off a plant-based diet 95% of the time...
  • but being flexible enough when going out with others
  • this helps me to improve my health
  • because great health is the foundation of everything you do
  • I lived in 5 countries so far, Vietnam, Germany, Japan, Australia and London
  • I love traveling and exploring the world
  • I especially like to go to Japan, because I love Sushi
  • I stopped growing at 1.69cm
  • I love to take action
  • and hate to be caught up in nonsense conversations
  • I love designing products
  • it doesn't matter whether digital or physical
  • I studied architecture
  • moved to industrial design
  • and finally became a digital product designer, working at a global design firm called frog design
  • and now I'm on my way to build my own lifestyle businesses and help designers to do the same

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