Update: Dec 2017

I have noticed that Rich Dad Poor Dad & The 4 Hour Work Week always get removed. However, they are added under a different URL on Youtube.

I have to admit I was never the smartest kid at school nor was I able to go through university as an exemplary student.

When it came to reading books I always struggled because my mind was always drifting somewhere else and I had difficulties staying focused.

Long story short, I rarely finished a book in my life. Always started but then got bored and never picked it up again. That was also due to the reason that at school or university, you rarely read things that really interests you from the heart.

But at the beginning of the year I made a new years resolution to read more, to find books that interests me and add value to my life. I found out that a mix of reading and listening was working best for me.

I especially enjoy audiobooks while traveling or outdoor activities such as hiking. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the plane, getting comfy and just shutting down your eyes for a few hours while listening to an audiobook.

Audiobooks have the incredible advantage that they don’t take much time to finish and you still get a lot value out of it. Especially because you don’t need to do anything actively such as moving your eyes or turning pages.

In this blogpost I want to share 3 audiobooks with you that I enjoyed most over the last years.

And the greatest part of all: They are completely freely accessible and I will teach you how to get them.
It’s your own fault if you don’t take advantage of free education.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Audiobook

#1 Rich Dad Poor Dad

I can’t stress it enough, but this book is the first step to financial freedom because it teaches you the mindset of the rich. It is not about the money, but the mindset of getting yourself educated in areas that will bring you forward and make you successful int he long run so that you can help people and make an impact in the world.

The engaging story of his two fathers with completely different mindset when it comes to money will also make you reflect on yourself and challenge your reality. You can either love or hate Robert Kiyozaki, but you cannot blame him for not telling the truth.

Length: 3:05 hours
Link: Click

#2 The 4-Hour Work Week

This one is considered as the holy bible for digital nomads, but the reason why I wanted to share it is not for the sake of pushing you to become a digital nomad, but for the reason to get a fresh perspective on how our society works and the social convention that limits us from achieving more.

I was listening to the 4 Hour Work Week last year when I was traveling in malaysia. During an unexpected 25km hike I had plenty of time to digest the message that Tim Ferris is trying to convey to our modern society.

This book will open your eyes because it explains why not everything that we take for granted and expect from life have to be the way they are. Why is it that people in almost every country go to work from 9 – 5? Or why do we feel great and busy because we have a calendar filled up with meetings and 1000 unread emails?

This audiobook is about 8 hours long, but you don’t need to listen to all of that. The first 30-50% will tell you everything you need. Go for it and let me know what you think.

Length: 7:30 hours
Link: Click

#3 The Magic of Thinking Big

It all starts with a change of mind if you want to make profound change to your life. “Excusides” is one of the most common deceases in our society that holds us back from achieving more.

This book examines the most common excuses that we come up with to justify our inability to improve our lives: “I don’t have enough time” or “I am too old”. Our limited mindset is our biggest enemy because it prevents us from going beyond our comfort zone.

This book has a lot of practical tips and examples that you can apply for yourself and start to make changes that will make your life richer.

Length: 3:07 hours
Link: Click

How to download to your Smartphone

Go to the following website and paste the youtube link into the field to convert the video into a mp3 format:
After your video was converted you can download it to your computer.

iPhone user need iTunes to sync audio files with the phone. drag and drop the audio file into iTunes and next time you sync your music, the audiobook should be there.

If you are using a mac, you need to download Android File Transfer: www.android.com/filetransfer
Now your android phone will be recognized as a mass storage and you can drag and drop the file into the music folder.

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