Welcome to Project Horizn

A journey to a better life where you maximize your own potential, start to live on your terms and achieve the maximum degree of freedom:

build a lifestyle business and make more money

Financial Freedom

The ability to spend your money on things you desire without worrying about the financial consequences.

free up your time and do what you love

Time Freedom

The possibility to take full ownership of your time and not letting anyone else to define your schedule.

live life to the fullest and travel the world

Location Freedom

The choice to live and work from anywhere in the world where you feel most creative and productive.

Hi. I'm Ninh.

I’m a digital product designer from Germany.

In 2018 I decided to hit the road and become location independent. I wanted to work around the world and gain life experience.

Why? Because we only live once.

I created Project Horizn to share my journey and my experiences with other designers who want to embrace a location independent lifestyle.


Mindset Shift

If you want to take full control of your life and walk the unconventional path, you will inherently face a lot of resistance. Therefore you need to go through a mindset shift and find a strong purpose that you can fall back on when you face tough challenges. I curated a library with helpful books that also helped me to grow.

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Start your transformation today!

Since I started my personal development journey, I learned how important it is to create healthy and sustainable habits. I tried many but only kept a few. I learned that the most powerful habits are actually the small ones that you exercise every day and not the big ones that you do only once a week.

Success is not a result of a single action but of consistent HABITS. For that reason, I created this selection of small DAILY HABITS that you can download for free 🙂

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