About the guide

This guide was created to help you getting started in the world of entrepreneurship.

It will not cover all topics in great detail but the main goal is rather to give you an overview and directions to follow.

How to get started

You will see that the guide is heavily focused around personal development, that means increasing your human capital. An entrepreneurs has no graduation date and therefore it is important that you keep educating yourself.

First, have a look at the following timeline of Project Horizn. The timeline should be purely seen as a reference and should motivate you to never loose focus.

Phase I - The Foundation

This phase is all about learning and personal development. In order to become successful it is important to get an understanding of how successful people think. A shift in mindset is the crucial start for change.

Estimated timeframe: Year 1

Phase II - Becoming Street Smart

Goal of this phase is to become “street smart” by gaining real world experience and experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t. Perseverance and failure will be part of the game.

Estimated timeframe: Year 2-3

Phase III - Helping Others

Successful entrepreneurs have a social responsibility. After reaching financial stability it will be time to focus on helping people and creating positive social impact.

Estimated timeframe: Year >4

I hope looking at the timeline was not too scary. It really takes time, but you have to believe in the reward, which is financial freedom.

Alright, let’s have a look at the structure:

Step 1 – Change Your Mindset

In order to achieve great success you have to understand that everything is driven by your thinking. If you think small, your results will be small. Therefore you need to learn to change your mindset first, only then you will be able to achieve everything you want.

Step 2 – Define A Major Purpose

Having the right mindset is the start. Now you need to find your mission in life. The path of an entrepreneur is a rocky one and therefore you need a strong reason to persevere otherwise you will give up quickly.

Step 3 – Learning New Skills

As a design entrepreneur you need to expand your skill set. Your creative skills are a great foundation, but we need to take a look at skills that are required to become an design entrepreneur.

Step 4 – Build Your First Business

After developing the right mindset, finding your mission and knowing what skills are necessary, you need to make the first steps and put all the learnings into action.

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