Step 2 - Defining A Major Purpose

Finding a “definite major purpose” is crucial if you want to be successful in life. Too many people are drifting through life without any direction and plan what they want to achieve. Unfortunately too many end up living a life of regret. If you search for “elderly regret” on google, you will be actually very surprised that most of them regretting not having lived their life to the fullest or not willing to take more risks.

The thing is, we never know how much time we still have on earth and since time is the only asset that is depleting we should make the most out of it. If we live a life without any purpose or direction, we will only waste our most precious resource.

The whole concept of finding your “purpose of life” might sound stupid, strange or crazy. But having a “definite major purpose” doesn’t mean you should find the meaning of life today.

Life is dynamic and so should be your goals. It is actually good if your interests are changing over the time because it shows that you are growing and progressing. But all your goals have to support your bigger “mission” and let you move toward it day by day.

You have to think about life like a road trip. Your final destination is your big “mission” and all the roads that bring you there are your strategies that you set up in order to reach your smaller “milestones”. Your strategies and your milestones can change over time, as much as the streets and little cities can change during your trip. If one street is not working out for you, you change direction but still keep your final destination in mind.

If you don’t have a plan at all, starting the trip would make no sense because you would waste fuel while driving around (your time and energy)

If you look at all successful people, such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Mark Zuckerberg or Richard Branson, you will notice that they all have one thing in common. They all have one big vision that they worked towards to.

How would your perfect day look like?

Ok, the next step is trying to find out what’s important to you.

Imagine in the future if money was no option and you would have it in abundance so you don’t need to worry about paying your bills.

How would you spend it? What would you do after getting up?

And I don’t mean that you think of the things you’re doing when you are on vacation. Sitting at the beach and drinking a cocktail or partying hard every night is probably nothing you want to do every day for the rest of your life.

Think of how your average day would look like. Are you enjoying teaching others? Are you enjoying cooking for others? What is it?

Take a sheet of paper and write down how your perfect average day would look like because this is the first step to identify your mission in life: knowing what you would love to do every day so it doesn’t feel like work.

Write down your purpose

After understanding why it is so important to think about your mission, you should take a moment and think about what you want to get out of life. Take a paper / notebook and fold it in half. I personally use a Moleskine Notebook that I also use as my journal.

On the left side write down your purpose. You can even draw your vision to make it more clear. On the right side, write down WHY it is important to you and why you want to achieve this. Below that, write down HOW you want to achieve this. This can be a rough guide for now (a more detailed plan will come later). Now on the bottom jot down, WHAT you are willing to give for it. This helps you to think about how bad you want to reach your goal and what you are willing to sacrifice for it. I actually don’t like to use “sacrifice” because it has a negative connotation of giving up something nice but I hope you get my point.

Here is a very simplified example to help you getting started: 

Definite Purpose:

I want to open my own restaurant to lift german food to the next level and show people how beautiful the food culture in germany can be.


Because I am very passionate about food and I am proud of my country. I believe that there is still potential to turn german food into something special and create the same hype around it like italian food.


Open small restaurant first to test my vision. If it grows, open a bigger restaurant. If very successful expand.

What I give:

I dedicate all my free time to learn about cooking. I’m willing to spend money on cooking classes and go after work in order to broaden my skillset.

How to reprogram your mind

Your brain is like a huge muscle that needs workout. Like your body, if you don’t workout your brain, it get’s slow and lazy. Therefore it is important that you are clear about your “mission” so you can remind your brain everyday in what direction to think.

Your brain was wired in a certain way of thinking for years and in order to change your thinking, you have to repeat your “mission” over and over again.

It takes some time in order rewire your brain and build all the new neuron networks. What your brain learned throughout all the years cannot be undone over night. It takes time.

From now on, repeat your definite major purpose everyday. Say it out loud when you wake up and put emotions into it. Be excited when you think of it. Visualize your perfect average day so you have a clear picture that you can work towards to.

Action Steps

For this section I collected a list of useful (and free!) audiobooks around the topic of success and mindset.

  1. Listen to Napoleon Hill – Law of Attraction 
  2. Listen to 17 Principles of Success
  3. Listen to The Alchemist  

Pro Tip: You can download the mp3 by pasting the link into YouTubeToMP3 and listen to the audiobooks on your smartphone