Architect vs Bricklayer

“The Architect” vs. “The Bricklayer” – The Generalist vs. The Specialist. What are you?

Today I want to explore the two different type of entrepreneurs – the specialist and the generalist. The same way we have the two types of people in our society, introverts and extroverts...

The Most Essential Tools And Resources For Every Designer

Every designer has the same starting point It doesn’t really matter which design discipline you belong to, whether it’s architecture, industrial design, interaction design, graphic design...

5 reasons Designers should become entrepreneurs and mind their own business

I remember when I started out my career as a designer I never had the intention to follow the path of an entrepreneur. Working for a big Company and making an impact for millions was my dream. First...


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Project Horizn is my personal journey to financial freedom and a Level-10 life.

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My name is Ninh and I am a digital product designer currently based in munich.

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Project Horizn is my journey to a future of financial freedom, a Level-10 life and 100% ownership of my time. I will share my latest experiments, ideas and how-to’s so you can start your journey to build your own Level-10 life with less effort.

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