Hai Ninh Nguyen - Singapore

Why a Lifestyle Business Beats Every Startup

I accidentally stumbled over the term Lifestyle Business about a year ago. I listened to a podcast by Chris Dunn where he talked to Lewis Howes about building Lifestyle Businesses and becoming a...

The 10 best ways to optimize your Instagram account

10 Best Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Account and Build Your Brand

In this article I want to show you the 10 best Instagram hacks that will help you to make your profile more attractive and boost your brand. I started with Instagram years ago when it first came out....

Tools to create physical product

Part III: The Best Tools And Resources To Design PHYSICAL Products

This is the last article in the series of design tools that focuses on creating physical products. Especially for digital designers who want to get into business with physical products and have no...


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My name is Ninh and I am a digital product designer currently based in munich.

I have a great passion for creative entrepreneurship and I am here to help other designers to build something they’re proud of and turning it into a lifestyle business.

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Project Horizn is my journey to a future of financial freedom, a Level-10 life and 100% ownership of my time. I will share my latest experiments, ideas and how-to’s so you can start your journey to build your own Level-10 life with less effort.