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The problem with social media and why I deleted twitter

The problem with social media and why I deleted my twitter account

Tapping the delete button to get rid of 6 years of history can be so freeing. Yes I deleted my twitter account! Twitter has played an important role for me in the past, in building up my brand, connecting with people across the world and sharing content that I believed was worth looking at. Nevertheless it took me not even 1min to decide to get rid of it and delete all digital traces.   The...

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Glass Prototypes

My First Test Order Was (Partly) Successful!

I am super excited today because I just received my first test order for the coffee glasses that I developed over the last few months. Of course I received samples before but as you might have...

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The 4 Different Levels Of Entrepreneurship

If you think about entrepreneurship, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? CEO?…Co-Founder?…Startups? Exactly, these are the buzzwords of the 21st century that even little kids in...

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3 Free Audiobooks To Listen To While Traveling

I have to admit I was never the smartest kid at school nor was I able to go through university as an exemplary student. When it came to reading books I always struggled because my mind was always...

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Why Entrepreneurship Will Make You Become A Worse Designer

Your fingers are crippling…all the shortcuts and hand moves that became so natural over time seem to be gone. Suddenly you’re catching yourself moving things around without any plan...

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